Energy For Development:

Story of the Tiny Rapeseed

People are Energy Systems—it’s all about human energy’s role advancing communities by focusing on what improves peoples lives … and that results from how people apply their energies. That affects health of their bodies, relationships in their homes, then wealth in its many forms. A community working together can learn to identify shared priorities, recognize success, and forge partnerships to advance behavior change. 
Some of our abiding findings are:
  • Act as a local partnership with no expectation of outside help and funds.
  • The best resources are likely those already in the community’s possession.
  • Best practices can be gleaned in a life that is one of continual learning.
  • Rising aspirations for quality of life attracts more and more people.
  • Communities mature from cooperation on shared goals, and social change emerges.
Learn how to advance your community or your program:
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