Voices of Faculty

Dr. Naomi Bates joined Future Generations University to help bridge the divide between science and communities. Now, she teaches students technical skills to spur community projects and leads bioacoustic research that changes the ways communities prepare for climate change.





November, 2020 | By Jesse Mintz

Voices of Students

Future Generations helped Paul Ronk earn a living from his maple trees. Now he’s helping West Virginians reconnect to the land.

October, 2020 | By Jesse Mintz
Voices of Future Generations

A time of crisis and opportunity: this is a look to the future of Future Generations from the President’s October report to the Board Trustees

October , 2020 | By Daniel C. Taylor
Voices of Alumni

Future Generations University helps Returning Peace Corp Veteran Bethany Lewis build sustainable local food systems in West Virginia.

August, 2020 | Jesse Mintz


At Future Generations, faculty members are practitioners first. Anthony Flaccavento teachers bottom-up economics. He didn’t just write the book on community-driven change—he’s practiced it for decades.


September, 2020 | By Jesse Mintz


We cannot stop climate change or COVID-19—but we can use the crises we face to change our ways, improve our lives and better our communities.


August, 2020 | By Daniel C. Taylor


She came to Future Generations University to find a way to give back to her community. Today she heads Slow Food Sante Fe and advocates for food literacy. We spoke with this class of 2007 grad about her activism and how her work has changed since COVID-19.


September, 2020 | By Jesse Mintz
Voices of Future Generations


Future Generations is building a world-circling communities to spur a decade of action for the Sustainable Development Goals. Storytelling is part of that strategy. Discover how the stories we tell shape the future we’re building.


September, 2020 | By Jesse Mintz


I trekked through the Bolivian rainforest for Songs of Adaptation, a Future Generations research project. This is what I saw.




August, 2019 | By Shane Palkovitz

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