The Transformative Power of

Shondell’s journey since graduating from Future Generations University is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of education and the impact one individual can have on their community and the world. Having worked with the same community for over a decade, her story is a remarkable tale of growth, evolution, and a deep commitment to making a positive change.

“The experience with
Future Generations University
opened doors for me and gave me the
confidence to be able to walk
through those doors.”

During the program, Shondell’s research sought to identify the impacts of youth violence in Guyana and the communities that are perceived as hot spots for violent activity in order to develop interventions to redirect youth energy toward positive community development. After graduating, Shondell began working in the public sector, where she focused on communication for natural resources. Her dedication to this role and the community she served led to her appointment as a special assistant to the minister.
Shondell’s track record in her new role speaks volumes. She played a pivotal part in establishing three-way partnerships, contributing to Guyana’s largest procurement project. Her involvement in a task force governing body, working with the government, communities, and major corporations, showcased her exceptional leadership. Shondell ensured that progress was communicated effectively, creating a synergy that benefited all stakeholders.

Recently, Shondell has taken a sabbatical and is using this time to focus on empowering women and youth. Through surveys and feedback, she’s fine-tuning programs to match the community’s needs. The success she’s achieved in the public sector and her work with Future Generations University laid a solid foundation for this endeavor.

Shondell’s journey exemplifies the “pebble drop effect.” Her education not only benefited her career but also rippled into all areas of her life. It opened doors and gave her the confidence to navigate various professional spaces and create lasting, positive change. Her remarkable journey from local outreach to international reaching project management, guided by her experience with Future Generations University, demonstrates the power of education, commitment, and community engagement in shaping a better future for all. Her story is an example of hope for those striving to make a difference in their communities and beyond.
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