Peacebuilding Journey from Afghanistan to Sweden

As borders become increasingly fluid, migration has become a defining feature of our times, and not surprisingly, migrants face many challenges. Future Generations University class of 2013 alumna Maryam Safi is working to ensure migrant women’s successful integration into new communities. Maryam’s inspiring journey, from her initial aspirations for peace in Afghanistan to her current role as a student community manager at the ReDI School of Digital Integration in Malmo, Sweden, exemplifies the transformative power of education in fostering peacebuilding efforts. During her studies at Future Generations University, Maryam worked on integrating women into the democratic process. Trained in Islamic Law at Kabul University, she has worked in the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, interacting regularly with the Afghan Parliament.
Maryam’s journey from Afghanistan to Europe marked a significant turning point in her career. Inspired by her master’s program and driven by her own experiences, she embarked on a project of empowerment based on her own adventure as a migrant. She personally understands what it means to start from scratch and the difficulties that can arise when integrating into a new community. Initially focusing on Afghanistan, she expanded her scope to include migrants in Europe, recognizing the need to support individuals navigating new cultural, social, and technological environments. This expansion reflects her deep commitment to promoting peace and integration on a global scale.
Maryam was awarded the Rotary Peace Fellow in 2019 and pursued a master’s degree in peace and conflict research at Uppsala University, Sweden. This educational background strengthened her foundation further for her current work in promoting peace and integration.
Maryam plays a pivotal role in supporting migrants in learning technology skills and integrating into their new communities. As a student community manager, she focuses on empowering migrant women, understanding the unique challenges they face in adapting to a new culture while striving for economic independence. By providing women with opportunities to develop and grow their digital literacy, the school not only equips them with essential skills but also fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment.
Maryam works in a multicultural environment, a shining example of diversity and inclusivity, that welcomes students from between 28 to 30 different countries, a similar international dynamic to what she experienced as a Future Generations student.  The program serves as a melting pot of ideas and experiences, promoting understanding and collaboration among students from many backgrounds. By fostering a supportive space for learning and collaboration, her work reinforces the values of peace and social cohesion.

By empowering migrants with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital age, Maryam envisions a future where diversity is celebrated and communities are strengthened through the contributions of individuals from different backgrounds. She strives to bridge the gap between migrants and their new communities through her work and has reason to know her efforts have made a difference.

Maryam’s journey from her aspirations for peace in Afghanistan to her current role is a testament to the transformative power of education.  Maryam is actively shaping a more inclusive and interconnected world where the potential of every person, regardless of their background, can be realized, and her dedication to this cause exemplifies the positive impacts that can be made when one understands the importance of community. Her journey stands as a remarkable testament to the lasting influence of her degree from Future Generations University, which continues to resonate in her unwavering commitment to social change.

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