Social Entrepreneurs for Lasting
Impact in Bhutan

In the world of social entrepreneurship, the SEED-SCALE methodology has proven to be a powerful tool for effecting positive change. By incorporating self-evaluation, effective decision-making, community awareness, learning, and energy empowerment, social entrepreneurs can create scalable and sustainable solutions that have a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

This is the case for two of our alumni, both working in Bhutan. Tsering Yangzom, class of 2007, worked for the Tarayana Foundation for a few years and then opened Tiny Toes Daycare after she had her first child. She had noticed a lack of support for working mothers to continue to work, and so Tiny Toes opened up to meet that need.
To support underprivileged mothers, Tsering offered scholarships for several children. Her sister now manages Tiny Toes Daycare and continues to offer scholarships to underprivileged children.  Tsering has continued to focus on the need children have for spaces to play and have fun, especially in areas that lack public parks and other places for outdoor recreation. In 2011, she started Tiny Toes Toys, which designs and installs playgrounds. Tsering’s goal is to install a playground in all the districts of Bhutan. As of 2023, Tiny Toes Toys has installed playgrounds in 13 of the 21 districts.
After graduation, Wangmo Wangmo, class of 2019, worked for the Tarayana Foundation for two years. In 2022, she decided to implement SEED-SCALE through a new business model to serve her community. She started Zaya Enterprise with five employees to serve her community by offering hardware and building materials at a low cost to customers door steps, working directly with suppliers to decrease overhead. Zaya Enterprise has grown to support ten employees and serves two districts.

In the dynamic world of social entrepreneurship, innovative solutions that drive positive change are crucial to effectively addressing complex societal challenges. The SEED-SCALE methodology is a comprehensive approach that provides a powerful framework to stimulate community awareness, encourage learning, and ignite human energy, ultimately fostering lasting impact. 

One of the cornerstones of SEED-SCALE is stimulating community awareness. Social entrepreneurs actively involve local stakeholders, including community members, leaders, and organizations, from the outset. By listening to their needs, concerns, and aspirations, social entrepreneurs can co-create solutions that genuinely address the community’s most pressing issues. Both of these alumnae focus on empowerment in different ways. Tsering works to empower women to continue work and also provide children with the creative space they need to play and have fun. Wangmo empowers her community by providing access to the materials they need to build their futures. 

As more changemakers embrace this holistic approach, we can look forward to a future where innovative ideas, community engagement, and continuous learning converge to create a world enriched by transformative social initiatives.

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