Five New Alumni Added to Our Ranks

In January 2023, our commencement ceremony took place at Gandhi’s Ashram in Sevagram, India. Each of our graduates continue to iterate their learning within their communities worldwide. Hear a little of what the Master of Arts in Applied Community Development has meant to them.

“It was exciting to find out that my education could impact my work in real time with every week’s lab assignment.”

– Ledet Solomon, Ethiopia

“At this point in my life, I can’t imagine moving forward without wanting to ever stop learning.”

– Matt Gleason, USA

“I use skills that I learned at this university directly with my community, with community groups throughout the state.”

– Kristin Beverage, USA

“This is the starting point for me to implement what I have learned from this Master Degree.”

– Hari Basnet, Nepal

“So many people from different contexts, different backgrounds, applying these same tools in their own communities.”

– Gunjan Khorgade, India

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